Hi and welcome to our little smocks.on community! We're so glad you're here. This whole thing started as a little Instagram art challenge designed to get big humans working with littles and using their creative talents to bond and have unplugged fun and quality time. Our circle of art buddies has grown and grown and has led to this -- our very own website! We hope to inspire and reach even more parents and kids, teachers and students, nannies and charges, and any old combo of humans young and old(er) imaginable. But before we embark on that exciting journey, we'd like to introduce ourselves.

I'm CARA...

a gal who never seems to have enough hours in the day to check all of the things off of her list! (Can you relate?) I'm wife to a tough teddy bear of a guy named Dave and momma to the world's cutest and sweetest little human, Kinley (4.5). I love to cook, run, take pictures, do the easy crosswords that make you feel so smart in People magazine, and, most of all, get creative with my little birdie artist girl. We are homeschoolers and spend the better part of our days up in the schoolroom either learning through play or with our smocks on!

I've been blogging on and off for years, but finally found my niche and circle of kindred spirits in the instaworld. I've met so many fabulous and supportive people from all over the globe on that lovely little app and it's led me here...blogging with my two best instabuddies and sharing our love of all things creative with you! 

If you wanna see more of me you can find me on:
Instagram: @raising.kinley 

I'm SARA...

I'm married to my incredibly sweet high school sweetheart, Jake. The little tornado boy that runs our house is my son Luke and he is one very energetic 3 1\2 year old!! I'm a gym junkie who loves photography, beach vacations, play dates, and, of course, spending creative time together with my family. My closet is an ever-growing collection of paint clothes and I'm constantly running errands with paint in my hair!

This! This is what I need! This blog is the missing piece of my puzzle. When Luke was 1 yr old, I remember getting on Pinterest and searching for "Christmas Holiday Crafts", something simple that Luke and I could do together...and my love for together arts and crafts just grew from there! I will be your beginner blogger and I have doubt and fear just like any new job, but there is excitement and pure joy inside me as we begin this new adventure, too! I'm very grateful to my sweet instafriends for encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and do something I absolutely LOVE, a love I didn't even know I had. I can't imagine one day going by without my daily dose of this positive, inspiring, uplifting community. So, when the day is done I KNOW I did my best and we are in this together!! I cant wait to share some of our adventures with you!

If you wanna see more of me, check out:
Instagram : @toddler_tornado


and I was born to be a teacher. I've taught almost every age in all types of schools all over the place. I'm also a proud momma to Rose (3) and Alice (3 months) and boy oh boy, am I tired! And happy, so, sooooo happy. Having a family is a dream come true for me. I always wanted to be a mom, but didn't meet Mr. Right for the longest time. My students were my babies and I loved them with my whole heart. Then I met the kindest man who swept me right off my feet. We had Rose one year after we tied the knot and I left the classroom and began consulting with the USC/RAND/UCLA Trauma Services Adaptation Center for Resilience, Hope and Wellness in Schools.

I missed working with families so much that I started teaching process and sensory art classes out of my backyard around the same time I discovered the wonderful world of Instagram. That little app brought so many moms and dads and teachers and nannies into my life who inspire me and teach me and share all of their creative goodness from all over the globe! I just love it! When I'm not making a mess with my kiddos, you can find me reading (I'm currently devouring the Saxon Tales), cooking, or writing a blog post alongside two of the most creative ladies I know (or group messaging them late into the night while we lie in our beds miles away from each other, occasionally waking up my sweet husband when something they write makes me start cracking up). I hope we can continue to inspire you to work alongside your littles. Your collaborations truly bring us so much joy!

If you wanna see more of me, check:
Instagram: @momma_teaching


  1. Smockson is EXPANDING!! Love your little bios girls, know you a little more now. All the best on this exciting journey...Rebekah (heart_artlife) xx

    1. It sure is! We wanted to spread the love even a little further. Thank you lady! Smocks wouldn't be the same without you and your way-too-sweet art crew :) xo

  2. Great bios Gals! Loving that you have a website too!!