Put a BOW on it

Here is a cheerful holiday process art that is sure to BOW you away!

I love the idea of incorporating the holidays into our art session, which is why I was excited to find and read all about this easy open-ended invitation shared by Jackie over on the pocketofpreschool blog! There, you will find tons of ideas that focus on Christmas activities and centers to try out with your kiddos. The second I saw it, it went to the top of our must try list. I hope after reading ours, that we will inspire you like she inspired us!

  • Paint (I used tempera)
  • Holiday Bows
  • Paper (I used poster board)
  • Paper Plates
  • Dryer
  • Glitter
  • Tolerance for mess.
  • Pour paint onto paper plates.
  • Dip bows into paint.
  • Dry between each color to prevent BROWN. I used a hair dryer. Takes about 10-15 seconds.
  • Add Glitter.(Optional)
Tip: Work on fine motor skills by pinching together the white sticker on the back to make a handle. 
As you can see, my little guy had a blast discovering new ways to use EVERY-holiDAY materials. I really hope next year while I'm wrapping, he says "Remember that time we painted this those!? Let's do that again!" 
Smocks.on is on Christmas break for the next two weeks but I really hope to see everyone next year! New year, new smocks.on! You don't wanna miss it. 
Merry Christmas

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