Glitter On the Floor

Ready to add a little bright and shiny to your day? Yeah?! Me too!!  So lets all welcome Shelly from @creatingcreatives to @smocks.on together art challenge of SPARKLE this week! I get it, not everyone loves glitter because its the absolute worse to clean up and it GLITTERALLY gets everywhere!!!! BUT, to me, it brings out my inner Kesha and "free for all-glitter on the floor" simply says a good time was had! Since its the Christmas season, the craft isles are stocked full of this glistening gorgeous glitter in hope you get your stock on! And that I did!

Our Glittery project started off strong with this super fun pine stem process based art. Our Christmas tree is quite old, Vintage if you ask me. It's one of those that feels like 100000 pieces each color coordinated to where its placed on the tree. So without the directions, there's no way its gonna come together properly.  Due to its age, we constantly are picking up or pulling loose pine stems from tree. Today, we put those little stubborn fellas to good use. We decided to do a very unconventional art process and use them as paint brushes. They are just as easily coated with paint as they are to clean off as you prepare a new color. Since Smock.On is together based, I grabbed a few strands for myself and we had a jolly good time painting by that very tree!

  • Pine
  • Paint
  • Card Stock
  • Paper Plate

  • Pour paint into plates
  • Dip pine stems into paint.
  • Turn on some holiday tunes and let them paint along some of you favorite songs! Luke's favorites right now are "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and " I Got The Joy".
  • Remember this is process based art! aka FREE FOR ALL.

Lets extend that festive holiday art:

This Christmas tree craft was a little more "momma" hands on than anticipated. As beautiful as it is, Luke quickly became bored and he tagged teamed me in. Totally ok with this! It was very relaxing to stop everything and just focus on one thing! The day was a hectic run around, need more hours in the day, kinda day so I was nice to take a short pause. We have now added this to our ever growing holiday decor and I'm more than happy to find it a nice warm place to cozy up till Santa comes!

  • Process art piece
  • Hole punch or traced circles
  • Scissors
  • Clear Glue
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter
  • Styrofoam cone
  • Tree topper of your choice

  • Once your process is dry, trace and cut OR hole punch circles.
  • One circle at a time, add a layer of clear glue with a paint brush.
  • Sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.
  • With that same clear glue, add Shimmery circles to tree one by one starting from the bottom.
  • Add a tree topper! 
  • Rock around that Christmas tree and stare at it for the rest of the evening!

Make sure you head over to @smocks.on Instagram this week and check out all that SPARKLY love our smockstars are turning out for our guest host Shelly from the @creatingcreatives. There is still time to join in. Check out our PINTEREST page as well as our FACEBOOK page for your quick stop inspiration!

Happy Holiday!
Sara @toddler_tornado

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