14 Kid-Friendly Festive Holiday Crafts

The very lovely Laura & Tia from Little Button Diaries brought together all their favorite Insta-crafters for a giant Christmas craft party! AND SMOCKS.ON was invited!!! We're now sharing with you those 14 awesome Christmas crafts you can do with your little ones over the festive period. Take a look!

Left: Handy with Scissors has instructions for a set of beautiful cardboard Christmas tree table decorations from Creating Creatives.
Right: Stop by Smocks On to learn how to put together your own fetchingly fuzzy Christmas pom pom wreath from Teach.Investigate.Play.
Left: The Art Garden has a genius list of kid-made art wrapping paper ideas from Smocks On.
Right: Visit Make it Your Own for more wrap ideas with these simple and stunning paint splattered gift boxes from Handy With Scissors!
Left: Creating Creatives has shared the secret to this sweet kid-made scrape-painted ornament garland from Make it Your Own.
Right: Teach.Investigate.Play has the tutorial for this winter tree scene diorama from The Art Garden Blog (don’t you want to shrink down to 2 inches tall and jump right in!)
Left: Smocks On has the details for this naturally gorgeous non-traditional Christmas tree from The Harmony Tree house.
Left: Visit ART CAMP for the tutorial on making these fun DIY polar bear snow globes from Little Button Diaries.
RightOh Creative Day has the lowdown on making some super adorable Christmas character lightbulbs from Hobbycraft.
Left:  Little button Diaries is sharing 3 festive, fresh and bright felt holiday garlands from ART CAMP.
Right: Hobbycraft hopes the holidays have gone to your head – check out the absolutely adorable reindeer headband from Oh Creative Day!
Left: Brainy Beginnings Network is sharing the instructions for this enchanting, meaningful time capsule ornament from Momma Teaching.
Right: Barleyandbirch had the pleasure of hosting the tutorial for this totally foxy festive fox wreath from Brainy Beginnings Network!

Happy Holidays from all over us here at Smocks.on,
Sara, Cara, & Melissa

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