My husband has always had a love for golf, so I knew this would be a huge part of Luke's life growing up. I already imagine him and his daddy going weekly to local courses together and having this to bond over, just the two of them. I love to think of Luke being on the golf team at school and who knows, maybe the PGA tour?! No pressure kid ;)  So how do you introduce a very important sport to your kiddo? Time to get creative!

I set up a super easy invitation for him to break in his brand new golf clubs. Walmart has this really cheap playday jumbo golf caddy that was perfect for his height! It's super light and easy to wheel around for both indoor and outdoor play while teaching him his very first fundamentals of the sport. My heart gets all warm and fuzzy when I see him pull that caddy behind him! I bet that's exactly what his daddy looked like at that age.  Adding a little paint made this the perfect, open-ended process art. Definitely a HOLE IN ONE!
You'll Need:
  • Toy golf set
  • Paint -- we used tempera
  • Brown kraft paper roll -- Amazon or any local retail store
  • Scrap boards or anything really to keep the golf balls in the designated art area (optional, but def recommended.)

How to:
  1. Line the floor with kraft paper.
  2. Make a border (we used wood.)
  3. Let your kiddo squirt all his favorite colors all over the paper. Have fun playing "a round" of golf!

This process has been his ultimate favorite to date! Even his daddy and I were eager to join in on the fun. We simply added more balls and more paint and had the best time making some TEE-rific art together. The only rule in this game is that there AREN'T any rules! I really hope you try out this process, it's a guaranTEEd great time, that's FOOOOOOOORE sure! 

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Happy creating!

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