Luke, I am your FEATHER

Put down those paint brushes, folks! 
Painting with feathers is a super fun technique that is sure to tickle your fancy!

Since becoming a mom, I get so excited about each and every holiday! Valentines Day has more love, Independents Day has more sparkle, Halloween is more thrilling, and Christmas has more meaning. It's simple, kids just make everything about them so much more fun! During these times, we get to reminisce on some of our childhood memories and favorite arts and crafts we did when we were growing up and now have the opportunity to make those same memories with them. WE as parents get to be kids again! So with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I'm trying to incorporate it into everything we do. Luckily, it's feathers week here on SMOCKS.ON and it couldn't have worked out more perfect.
This feathery fun process is definitely one will be returning to in the future. The problem with awesome open ended processes is that you DON'T want it to end! But there comes a time when you run out of paint and the sun begins to set that there just isn't any other way to continue, you sadly call it quits. On a positive note, you had fun and you have a beautiful, one of a kind, piece of art that they are so very proud of! So proud, they can't wait till daddy comes home so they can greet them at the door with it. Toooooo sweet! 

You'll Need:
  • Feathers
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Poster Board
  • Paper Plates
How To:
  1. Squeeze your favorite colors onto paper plates.
  2. Take feathers and coat with paint.
  3. Have some feathery fun creating gorgeous prints. 

Luke loves any opportunity to paint without brushes so I knew, with little instruction, that he would take off and do what he does best! And that he did! We loved stroking, patting, scraping, and twisting those feathers around! He loved mixing those coloring to make new ones and I loved all the different textures and prints that can be made with one simple tool! Check it out!

Gorgeous, right?!



Luke loves crafting as much as he loves process art so we find ourselves making more from our open ended creations. Since Thanksgiving is next week, I thought it would be fun to make turkeys!

You'll Need:
  • Feather Process Art piece
  • Leftover Feathers
  • Cardstock - Red, Brown, & Yellow
  • Googley Eyes
  • Glue
How To: 
  1. Glue Feathers onto art.
  2. Cut out turkey silhouette, beak, and gizzard with cardstock.
  3. Assemble your turkey.
  4. Glue turkey onto art.
  5. Let Dry
  6. Put on refrigerator.

Luke named that sweet little turkey Easter. Why, you ask? During assembly, I was talking about the turkey and what it consisted of. We talked about his eyes, his beak, and the second I said the word GIZZARD Luke asked "What's a gizzard?" And you know what? I HAVE NO IDEA! I'm just happy I know what it's called. I went on to describe it's like a turkey booger. Why not!? Being the little boy he is, it was the most hilarious thing he heard all day! MOM WIN! Once our turkey's had dried, we headed outside for a couple of pictures and I asked him what he would like to name his and he said "Easter". I'm thinking Easter is his word for gizzard. So in summary, he named his turkey after his booger and this weirdly warms my heart.
It's FEATHERS week over on @smocks.on this week with guest host Lisa from the @thegardenartblog. Come have a GOBBLIN good time with us! There is still LOTS of time to join in. Check out our PINTEREST page as well as our FACEBOOK page for your quick stop inspiration!

Happy Crafting

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