Hey feathers, wanna hang?

Looking for a totally personal mobile for your nursery? Look no further. My oldest daughter's mobile hit the garage sale when I read an article last year about how it's better for babies to use trees as their mobiles or something. Probably written by someone who hadn't had a baby in a few years and forgot how much momma needs a minute to brush her teeth from time to time. Of course, I lived to regret my rash decision but didn't want to shell out the cash for something that will only be used for a couple of months. Enter this DIY mobile.

Rose was really excited to help with the mobile. She quickly realized it would be more fun to unravel two giant balls of yarn went I stepped out for 5 minutes to change the baby's diaper.

Needless to say, I recommend you get your smocks on to do this craft with a kiddo who's a bit older than three. Or ask someone else to change your baby's diaper so you can give your three-year-old your undivided attention. Or put the yarn away so it's not so tempting for little hands. Anyhoo...

To make this feather mobile, you'll need:

  • feathers
  • spray paint (we used gold)
  • a stick
  • scissors
  • string (we used gold)
  • beautiful beads
  • goggles
  • glue gun
  1. Let your little artist don goggles and spray paint the branches and some of the feathers. This will be very exciting for them. And very troubling for grandma. 
  2. Cut a few pieces of string of varying lengths.
  3. Glue a feather to the end of each string with the glue gun. 
  4. Make a knot on the string to hold the beads, and then slip the beads through the string. I placed different kinds at different lengths on the beads to add some visual variety. 
  5. Knot string at both ends of the stick. 
  6. Knot each feathered string to the stick at varying intervals. 
  7. Hang and enjoy!

We love how this turned out, and the baby just coos and coos whenever she's placed under it.

FEATHER ART week on @smocks.on was so much fun, and Lisa @theartgardenblog was such an awesome host! Check out her gorgeous website here. If you're looking for more ways to shake your tailfeathers, check out our Pinterest feathers.art board, Facebook page,  or Instagram @smocks.on for fun ideas.

xxMelissa (@momma_teaching)

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