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The Christmas runaround is officially here, can you believe it?! I've been anxiously awaiting this season all year long! Don't get me wrong, I'm a total summer junkie, but nothing beats a good peppermint mocha latte on a cold winter's day while snuggled under a cozy blanket with the CUTEST holiday crafts scattered all over the house. Just talking about it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! With that said, this time of year is my ultimate favorite season to do kids crafts with my little.  

I recently received my copy of Shannon's digital book The 12 Oh Creative Days of Christmas and I was so relieved when I cracked the e-cover. She literally laid everything out I wanted to do in one, easy to read, full of tips and tricks, gorgeous printable book!  I seriously started planning how I was going to fit it all in immediately! This project is inspired by her first prompt. She uses materials different from those I used with ours, but it's FABRIC week over on SmocksOn this week and I was excited to take that OhCreative lady's vision and make it our own. From start to finish, this mixed media project was such a great start to this Christmas season. If you haven't purchased your copy yet, you need to now!

You'll Need:
How To:
  • Purchase The 12 Oh Creative Days of Christmas Digital Book from my dear friend Shannon.
  • Download and print printable holiday stencils.
  • Cut stencils and paint with all your favorite colors and let dry
  • Do-a-dot fabric. ( I used an old bed sheet ) 
  • Rip fabric into strands
  • Glue your strips of fabric onto your painted stencils.
  • Add Buttons
  • Hang on your tree or add to your craft wall!

These tiny creations look super cute on Luke's tree in his bedroom. I'm hoping to fill his tree up with every craft we do as his decorations this year. I fear it will be a tree I never want to put up! I can't stop staring at it! These adorable prints would also look gorgeous as a banner, or maybe even a gift tag for presents! The ideas seem endless. I really hope you try this sweet project out. I've been under the weather this week, but this time with him was the brighter side of the sickness that hit our house. I may be lying on the couch, but every time I look at his tree I get so super happy and for a moment I feel a little less sickly.

P.S. Make sure you head over to @smocks.on Instagram this week and check out all that fabric love our smockstars are turning out for our guest host Catalina from the @redvioletstudio. There is still LOTS of time to join in. Check out our PINTEREST page as well as our FACEBOOK page for your quick stop inspiration!

Happy Crafting!

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