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'Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through the store. Vegetables were scarce, especially the cor....n! Seriously, Why did I think this was a good idea?!? To be honest, I had completely forgotten tomorrow was Thanksgiving. So as I entered the parking lot, I immediately went pale! I parked the car and contemplated going in. I knew I only needed one thing. I was to walk in, grab the corn, and check out! Ooooooor so I thought...

The first store was completely sold out. What?!? Does that really happen? On to the second store -- good ol' Walmart. There, Luke and I stood frozen in the produce section as it was being overtaken by crazy last minute shoppers Black Friday-style. I finally spotted the corn and got there just in time! There were only 2 cobs left. As I bagged them up, I felt guilty that I was not going to actually cook and serve this apparently rare Thanksgiving vegetable treasure, but coating them in paint instead. Oh well, crafts are important too! I've never been that excited about an ear of corn in my life!

It's YELLOW week here on smockson and I was eager to get just one more festive Thanksgiving Day process. We have had this on our to-do list ever since my visit to Columbus to meet my dear insta-friend Cara. She had this beautiful homemade Indian corn garland hanging up that she made with her adorable little girl, Kinley.  I wanted to make one too, but with our own twist, so off to Pinterest I went to find inspiration. I found so many different ways to do this super fun craft! You can use things like Cheerios, bubble wrap, popcorn, even candy corn. Then it hit me. Why don't we use CORN to make a CORN print?! So that's what we did.

First step: Corny Art!

You'll Need:
  • Corn
  • Yellow Paint
  • Paper Plates
  • White Cardstock
How To:
  1. Cut corn to that match those tiny hands.
  2. Squeeze paint onto paper plate.
  3. Roll corn to coat.
  4. Place corn onto cardstock and roll.

This process is super easy and quick to set up. We really loved getting our hands covered in paint and the texture of the corn took it to another level making it a perfect sensory process as well. We covered 4 sheets of paper before our art room (aka the garage) got too cold to handle and we reluctantly headed inside to wait for it to dry. And if you know me, you know I love making crafts from our process art.

Next step: Corny Craft!

Lend me your EARS, I've gotta tell you that this turned out A-MAIZE-ING! Not corny at all. I simply cut his process piece into the shape of a cob and glued those ears right on in an "awww...shucks" kind of way!

Be sure you check out Cara's inspiring garland here- @raising.kinley

Well, that's it for Fall 2017 arts and crafts from @toddler_tornado! We really hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did! I cant wait to show you everything we have in store next month!

P.S. Make sure you head over to @smocks.on Instagram this week and check out all the sunshiny goodness the smockstars are turning out for our guest host Lydia from the @weeblewobblewonder. There is still LOTS of time to join in. Check out our PINTEREST page as well as our FACEBOOK page for your quick stop inspiration!

Happy Crafting!

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