Blow-paint Monsters

Have you been following along on Instagram? It's ACTION ART WEEK over on our art challenge account (@smocks.on) with our oh-so-creative buddy, Shannon from OhCreativeDay. I instantly thought big and crazy messy when I read her theme choice, but it's currently cold, rainy and incredibly dreary outside in our neck of the woods. Big and messy are not good indoor art words, right? Luckily, action art doesn't have to be crazy, small and semi-neat can work too!

Shannon had the brilliant idea to try thinking of an action word and then an art supply, like a Mad Lib-style action art brainstorm jumping off point:
  • jumping sequins
  • swatting watercolors (Shannon actually just did this one!)
  • exploding glitter
  • rolling clay
Blowing paint was the combo that really got my wheels turning. We tried blow-painting as a Troll hair method a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun Kinley has been asking to try it again since.

Have you ever tried it before? Want to make some cute little monsters of your own? It couldn't be any simpler. 

You'll need:
  • Liquid watercolors (we use our homemade ones, but watered down tempera would work too)
  • thick paper -- watercolor, cardstock, or construction
  • pipettes or eyedroppers
  • drinking straws (if you cut them in half they work best)
  • googly eyes
  • white glue
  • Sharpies
  • salt (optional)

  1. Squirt a drop or two of paint on your paper with your eyedropper or pipette. Kinley and I like to play with drop size and color-mixing at this point. There is no wrong way, just have fun and experiment!
  2. Grab your half straws and blow those paint drops! Try light breezes and blowing with all your might and everything in between.
  3. Squirt more drops and blow them around until you are satisfied with the number of gorgeous puddles.
  4. This is the optional salt sprinkling part. We had some leftover salt sitting on the schoolroom table from our magic spiderweb project and Kinley decided to sprinkle some on both of our monster papers. The speckle-y effect turned out really cool! Definitely not a must, but a fun edition if you don't mind a little extra clean-up.
  5. Let those little puddles dry for awhile, and brush the salt off when you come back if you did that step.
  6. Now, break out the Sharpies, glue and googly eyes 'cause it's monster-making time!

Kinley named each of her monsters crazy hilarious things, I wish I could remember all of them but the only two that stuck in my mind are Baymax and Toodles 😁  She always comes up with the best names -- she named her Beanie Baby panda Glenn Bamboo (I snort laugh every time I think about that and just now was no exception!)

Anyyyyyway, so yeah, see! Action art doesn't have to be a big ginormous mess, but it is pretty much guaranteed to be big ginormous fun. If you make some monsters of your own and feel like sharing, we'd love to see. It's so cool to spot your little idea out in the big, big world. 

We've been working hard on getting our Pinterest and Facebook pages up and running, so if you like what you see here and want even more fun ideas of the same together art variety, come find us!

xo Cara

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