Witches Brew

Smocks aren't just for paint! They also come in handy when you are making sensory art with stinky, splashy, bubbling vinegar. My good instabuddy and total smockstar, Nicole @ThePaintedToddler, inspired some seriously spooktacular backyard fun at our house with this Witches Brew rainbow fizzy art idea and I couldn't wait to share it with you!

We are crazy for anything resembling art or science that involves baking soda/vinegar around here. so much so that we broke down and bought the giant sack of baking soda and twin pack of ginormous jugs of vinegar at Sam's Club! We've tried so many variations of this STEAMy goodness from apple volcanoes to Babble Dabble Do's Wizard's Brew (if you haven't tried that one, you need to!!), but this one knocked our smocks off -- so, sooo good!!

Wanna try it? You'll need:

  • a pie plate (or any other container with sides to contain all the fun)
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • cups to hold vinegar (one for each color you'll be using)
  • food coloring
  • pipettes/eye droppers
  • glitter
  • sequins (optional, but totally awesome)
1. Put enough baking soda in your pie plate to cover the bottom.
2. Sprinkle glitter and sequins over the baking soda.
3. Pour vinegar into cups and squirt food coloring in each one.
4. Plop a pipette into each cup.
5. SQUIRT and watch the magic happen!

Isn't it funny how the addition of some sparklies can make something so simple so much more fun? We played with these potions for a good hour out on the back patio and Kinley has been asking to do it again since the moment I brought all of that mess inside to wash up! Four blue-ish purple-y thumbs WAAAAAAAY up from us!

This would be a perfect project not only for Halloween, but also for our smocks.on Myths & Magic art challenge, wouldn't it? 

Thanks again for the awesome inspiration, Nicole!! If you give this a go and post it on Instagram or Facebook, tag us and her -- I'm sure we'd all LOVE to see your potion :)

Happy fizzing!
xo Cara

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