Reigny Day

When I hear the words “myth and magic”, my thoughts go straight to princesses, fairies, unicorns and mermaids. Mostly because those are the mythical magical things I grew up with.  I remember making sure my princesses were nice and neat, their hair always brushed and styled, and they were always very kind to other princesses. But now I have this little rough and tough boy who loves to crash and destroy cars, play in dirt, and all his other toys are always fighting each other to their death.  I don't get it, but its fun to watch. So, I needed some extra assistance when thinking of something to do for little boys for this weeks Instagram theme challenge.  Maggie from @redtedart inspired me to make this knight in colorful armor sword and shield. But, being a KING would be much more fun! So that's what we did.

Confession: I've become a recyclables hoarder. I'm constantly thinking I'm going to need something to get creative with later. Today was the day that it all came in handy! I have lots of cardboard boxes sitting around and I just so happened to have a box big enough to upcycle and make a brand new toy.. or toys! And it was FREE! Recyclable hoard FTW!!

Wanna try it? You'll need:

  • Large box
  • Acrylic paint
  • Watercolors
  • Hot glue
  • Washi tape
  • Smock (optional)
  1. Draw and cut a shield and two strips to make the back handles on the largest side panel of your cardboard. Then do the same for the sword and, if you'd like, a crown.
  2. Starting with watercolors, paint all the accessories. Let dry.
  3. Add acrylic paint.
  4. Hot glue the handles in place on the back side of the shield. TIP: I have also learned in boy world that since the sword goes on the dominant hand, make sure the straps on the shield match the non-dominant arm. Who knew?!
  5. Add washi tape to the blade of the sword. This helped to make it more sturdy and stable.

Now it's time to slay some dragons and protect your kingdom!

It’s so rewarding watching them jump straight into character. I really want to see what he is imagining. Is it other knights, fiery dragons, or walking zombies? Knowing Luke its probably all the above. There was one point that he gave me the shield and went into full attack mode on me. That shield saved my life! I hope you try this out! It sure makes for a great day and a good KNIGHT! ;)

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